Folding craps table : Wood and iron coffee table

Folding Craps Table

folding craps table

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  • expressions used when when two dice are thrown and both come up showing one spot

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  • Craps is a dice game in which players place wagers on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. Players may wager money against each other (street craps) or a bank (casino craps). Because it requires little equipment, street craps can be played in informal settings.

  • A gambling game played with two dice, chiefly in North America. A throw of 7 or 11 is a winning throw, 2, 3, or 12 is a losing throw; any other throw must be repeated

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A Night at the Four Horsemen

A Night at the Four Horsemen

Ashur Kentoku dumps her shit into the receptacle provided and develops a sour look on her face before moving into the bar....

Ashur Kentoku slips into the chair opposite..."Some guy followed me all the way from downtown," she mews, an annoyed expression on her face.

Taladis Tower just looks over at Ashur as she flomps down on the chair and quirks a brow as he reaches up and scratches the back of his head, "You still seem naked without the armor. Did you shoot him?"

Ashur Kentoku smirks, pulling her box of cigarettes out..."I am still wearing armour," she mews softly...."And no, I didnt. I expected a drink here would be more entertaining than fulfilling whatever martial desires her might have had."

Taladis Tower just nodded his head briefly as he reaches to his side, and pulls out the light once more - holding it out towards her lit, while he pulls out his little box of cigars .. opening them up with one hand.

Ashur Kentoku nips another cigarette betwen her lips and takes the offered light....

"This place is even crappier than when I was here last," she mews, peering around. "I didnt think that was possible."

Taladis Tower just pulls it back as he places a cigar in the side of his mouth, rolling it over a bit before lighting it as well. He leans on the table after a moment, as he places the lighter into his pocket once again. "Yeah? Good for privacy usually, though. Holy crap, you act differently when you're not a Catwalker. I like it." The dark cat said with a smirk on his lips as he looked at her with a curiously quirked brow.

Ashur Kentoku drags on her cig and exhales the smoke in a jetted stream at the ceiling, idly blinking at the filth and smokje encrusted there..."I dont need to be nice to spoiled kittens and ever-vigilant Matrons anymore," she sneers. "That was my...job persona...Anyways, do you really have to remind me Im shit now? I'm kinda annoyed at being treated the way I was yanno."

Taladis Tower just looks at her and grins as he looks at her all the same shaking his head, "If you're shit, then I'm bigger shit for staying with the Catwalkers even if I have no interest in them. The kittens are lacking in lucidity, and intelligence in general." He said as he rolled the cigar in the side of his mouth, just enjoying the taste of this one. "Besides, I'm not really a lapcat anyhow, or I wouldn't come here with you .. and I probably would have smacked you for coming on the roof, wouldn't I have? Besides. What made you quit?"

You: "Bullshit politics and PR exercises gone wrong," Ashy growls, scratching a design into the already scratched table with a talon..."I became outmoded in their New Order it seems. Whatever."

Taladis Tower just nods his head as he looks at Ashur all the same, reaching up he gripped the cigar finally taking a drag off of it. He let his hand down - and leaned over to flick at her talons for some reason. Letting the smoke come from his nostrils he leaned back and just watched her, "Yeah. Are you surprised with who's leading the Catwalkers now that they're a bunch of idiots though. Really?"

Ashur Kentoku flexes a long leg and inspects the buckles on a boot as she listens...she flicks a curtain of hair aside and shrugs..."I'm not too perceptive with politics and social shit...I wasnt trained for it. I was trained for combat...and my programming makes me bond with a group and tend to become more loyal than is safe. Comes with the profile I guess."

Taladis Tower just watches her all the same with those dark eyes. He rolls the cigar in the side of his mouth once, and lets his ears flick a tad. He watched Ashurs' movements and reactions and words, her lips .. he was far more perceptive than her about that it seemed to him at least. "..I understand. Sometimes I wonder why I even am in the Catwalkers anymore. They tend to shy away from any sort of conflict now .. and like to lift their tails without much coaxing."

Ashur Kentoku nods and sighs..."I dont know. I fucking tried. And got pressured and humiliated into having to leave for it. 'Not the army!' Tober whined. 'You're too harsh on our Pridemates!' Fuck that." She concentrated on her scratched design again, a swirling crazy mass of Ogham-like shapes, her face twisting into a frown, of concentration or of anger....

Taladis Tower just nods his head as he looks at Ashur and listens to her, absolutely fascinated by her rage, that much was clear if she had bothered to look back into his eyes. The cat watched her intently as he rolled the cigar into the other side of his mouth, reaching up to take a drag off of it once more, "Mrr.. I actually, well .. I actually agree with you." He said as he watched her all the same, "Everything you've said is the exact reason that I am considering just leaving the Catwalkers. They arent' quite the same as when

Day 301: Project 365

Day 301: Project 365

needed to put together the crib. disassembled the fold-out sofa (sorry guests!). got a computer hutch thing for the computer (ugh). at some point i will just get a laptop. need to put the changing table on craiglist, along with the desk, and then figure out what to do with four desk drawers of crap. someone please buy us a larger house thanks!

folding craps table

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